Wednesday, July 5, 2017

It's been too long

I forgot this place even existed until today. Oops. I never finished my last post (Turks and Caicos) so I have to get around to that. Enough about that, let's move on

Turks and Caicos 2016

That Time We Went to Turks and Caicos

 Of course we were doing an island vacay for our honeymoon. Joe chose Turks and Caicos in October. Sounds awesome...Then a hurricane rolled through. 

The good news - the hurricane passed through the week before we went. The bad news - all that snorkeling gear we bought for this trip didn't quite get used as much as we had hoped. The sand was still a bit kicked up and the winds from Hurricane Nicole were not making for optimum snorkel days.

Day 1 (October 8/9)

It took us a long time to get to Providenciales. LAX - JFK - Miami - Providenciales.

over providenciales

we got to the airbnb we rented on long bay and immediately walked to our beachfront

truly long, deserted and calm

So of course, we hop in the car and drive to grace bay for dinner

We stopped at The Infinity Bar to eat. Now, it wasn't on my list - it wasn't in my binder, and after going, I know why it didn't make the cut

They weren't quite ready for dinner service yet, so we had a conch salad appetizer and some drinks. So far so good. The service was great, and the conch salad, our first introduction to conch was delicious. For dinner they led us over to the restaurant area.

i had the veal  - maybe i'm just not familiar with veal, but it was so fatty it was tough to eat. The tortellini was more delicious than the meat

conch 4 ways

conch chowder

The whole meal was just ok. I wouldn't go back. We spent around $200 on that dinner (not including the drinks and appetizer in the bar beforehand) and none of it was impressive.  There are much better places to eat on the island so its just not worth the stop. I will say, the service was great throughout so it was of no fault to the front staff.

We stopped at one on the 2 main markets on the island for a beer...

yes. that's the real price. $69.99 for a case (24) coronas. And no, it's not just because it is corona. Beer is just expensive!! 

We spoke to the owner of one of the bars and he basically said they aren't making any money on beer. The bars sell them for around $6 a bottle

jimmys dive bar

It had been a long day, but joe wasn't going to let a day go by without swimming. Luckily our airbnb had a private pool in addition to the ocean

Day 2 (October 10)

on day 2 we went out exploring all ends of the island, really trying to figure out where we want to go again so we don't miss out on anything in our few days in the caribean

 of course, it wouldn't be a trip if someone didn't get stuck in the sand. Luckily it wasn't us this time :) Joe and some fishermen helped this family dig out their car from the sand and sent them on their way.

Dinner tonight (and what ended up, a few nights while we were on the island) was on my list. Somewhere Cafe

We sat at the Queen's Table for sunset.

chicken sandwich

rib eye

so, this basically ended up being joe's favorite place to eat on the island. Rib eye, rice and vegetables, cooked properly at a good price. Right on the beach. Outside with a bar. basically perfect. 

Our bartender (Joel) was awesome. Somewhere is easily a place to have a good meal and meet some decent people. Every night that we went there we met interesting folks. One couple we had a few drinks with were also going to Grand Turk so we ran into them a few times over our vacation.

From there we head back over to the dive bar for a drink on our way home

Day 3 (October 11)