Monday, October 3, 2016

Cocineros Express

On our quest to find all the delicious food around, we also wanted to eat something that wasn't going to be too expensive so we tried out Cocineros Express.  This little mexican joint in on Foothill, just West of San Gabriel Avenue in Azusa.  

Located in a small parking lot next to a donut shop, dominos, and liquor store, its not much to look at from the outside. Inside there are only about 4 tables, and a menu that isn't exactly easy to understand.

There is really only the pictoral menu, not telling what comes with anything or what meats they have. And I have a feeling there is more on the menu than what is shown in the pictures.  On their yelp page is, what looks to be, a takeout menu that is much more understandable, but that was nowhere to be found in the restaurant.

i got 3 tacos al pastor. They grill their corn tortillas with oil, so its extra delicious, but extra oily.  They come with cilantro, onions, and either red or green sauce. At $1.40 each, they were really good.

Joe got 3 carnitas tacos and rice plate which was $6.99.

The ups - they have a "salsa bar" which includes a few salsas, pico de gallo, pickled vegetables, jalapenos, etc. The downs - small eating area so people waiting in line basically have their butts in your face, small parking lot, and their drink machine wasn't working so it was bottled soda or go to the liquor store if you had something specific in mind.

But for the prices, it was all pretty decent and Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday they have taco nights - $.99 tacos from -7-10pm (certain meats only chicken, carnitas, al pastor, carne)

I think next time i'll try a burrito, or torta, or sopes, or gordita. I guess i'll be coming back more than once in the future.

Cocineros Express
200 W Foothill Blvd 
Azusa, CA 91702

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