Monday, October 3, 2016

pretty potatoes

pagoda was eyeing my potato pre-bake ---man, does that dog love carbs and butter!!

joe went out with a friend tonight, so i decided to make myself a pretty potato. Super simple and pretty and i wasn't starving so it all worked out.

-1 potato
-clove garlic
-1 T melted butter (or enough to your liking)
-1T olive oil

Basically I mandolined a russet potato the long way, arranged them standing in a floral spiral in the oven proof single serving ramekin, poured over a little melted butter and olive oil. Mandolined a piece of garlic and placed the slices in between the layers of potato, covered loosely with foil and baked for 50 minutes at 400°

In the end, this is what emerged. Crispy on the top, baked buttery garlicy goodness underneath. 

I ate mine with some sour cream and some flap steak. Okay - so it was probably not worth all the trouble, but it was fun and delicious. Different than a hasselback for sure. I think a smaller serving would look awesome on a plate. 

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